A Little About Me:

February 11, 2009 at 12:10 am (Uncategorized)

I was born and raised in beautiful Virginia.  Several years ago, my husband and I moved to Colorado and we love it.   We are hug fans of the outdoors and this is a great place to be outdoors year around.  The hiking and camping is amazing and the Mountains are just beautiful.  We are the proud parents of two young children, both of whom are growing up way to fast.

I have loved photography since I was a child.  My dad helped me to buy my first 35mm SLR camera when I was in high school.  I was on the high school yearbook staff, so I used my camera for that.  I also used to travel a lot during the summers and my camera came with me. I loved taking pictures of the old buildings and rolling hills of Europe.  I still love that camera even though I haven’t used it in years.

I took a photography break for several years.  Not sure why.  Might have been because college, and life in general got in the way. But, once I had kids, my passion for photography returned full force.  In 2006, my husband surprised me by buying me a Canon DSLR for Christmas.  For about the first year, I just used the camera on auto.  A trip to the beach in California made me realize that I can’t rely on auto to get the pictures I wanted.  It was a very sunny day, and our sons first trip to the beach…a moment I wanted to capture…but all of my pictures came out black.   It was from that moment on that I started to teach myself photography.

I read a few books and joined some chat boards.  I learned a good bit from both.  For Christmas of  2007 my dad bought me a new lens and some editing software.  My desire for new lenses only grew from there.   My poor husband, because good lenses are not cheap!

For Mother’s Day last year, my husband gave me a Macro lens.  From that moment on, my passion for fine art photography was born.   Since then I learned what kind of fine art photography I enjoyed and I learned how to edit my pictures to produce what you see now.  I’m attracted to the warmth provided by the texture, am drawn by the painting-like quality of the photograph.

I hope you enjoy the flowers as much as I do. Soon, I’ll expand my photography beyond flowers, and I look forward to taking you with me on that artistic and exploratory journey.

The picture below is one I took over the summer of one of the many large dandelions that grow here in Colorado.



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