My Art Gallery Debut

April 4, 2009 at 8:16 pm (Uncategorized)

I had my art gallery debut here in Denver!  Last night was my first night showing my work at Gallery Mio in the Denver Art District. 

This is really a dream come true and I still can’t believe its happening.  I am so excited to have this experience – even if I don’t sell a thing!  🙂

My work is up on 2 walls.  I have one wall with framed and matted prints and another wall with a canvas and standout prints.  I also have a small table offering non-framed prints and note cards. 

Last night was a fun night.  There were lots of people out for the First Friday Art Walk even though it was a cold and semi wet night.  But, I’m there for 2 month – April and May –  maybe longer!!

Here are some snapshot:

The front of Gallery Mio (for locals, its on 8th off of Sant Fe):


Here is one wall with framed and matted prints:

 Here is wall two with the canvas and the standout prints:


Check out my Etsy site at :


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